FAA Instrument Rating Course

AIRCRAFT: Cessna 172SP Glass Cockpit G1000, Cessna 172SP, Diamond DA-40 Glass Cockpit G1000

This rating prepares you to fly in reduced visibility conditions and adverse weather. This is done by teaching you how to correctly interpret and operate the complex instruments onboard the aircraft. Once having this rating added to your private pilot license, you are legally permitted to operate in unfavorable weather. So no more worrying of staying clear of those clouds, you can now fly in almost any climatic situation. Also remember, if you are aiming for an unrestricted Commercial License, the Instrument Rating is a must.

The program includes

  • Ground school (Theory classes)
  • Simulator (Red Bird MX-2)
  • Flight Cessna 172 SP Glass Cockpit (G1000)

Duration time aprox 3 to 4 months.

Course Layout

Our training program consists of individualized instruction coupled with the use of simulators, and course materials outlined by Cessna®. This permits an efficient learning experience that will make the most out of your time and budget. The course may be completed in a full- time accelerated mode or tailored to meet your individual needs.

The Steps

  • 1. The first step for obtaining this rating consists of learning the basic concepts of Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR). This entails using a simulator and real-time flying using approved vision limiting devices to simulate the feeling of flying in a cloud. This forces the student pilot to rely solely on the aircraft’s instruments. Once this has been achieved the second stage is put into effect.

  • 2. The second stage is comprised of mastering IFR approaches and landings. During this time you will learn to approach and land using instruments such as VORs, ILS, GPSs and ADF. Completion of this stage is gained when the student pilot successfully demonstrates the ability to safely maneuver the airplane on an approach and then land in limited visibility conditions.

  • 3. In the third and final stage, all previous elements of the course are pulled together. You will plan a cross country flight using only the airplane’s instruments from take-off, to navigation to landing. While during your ground course work, we will prepare you for the practical and written exam with the FAA. Upon successful completion the Instrument Rating will be added to your license. After this, the sky is limitless!


You can apply in cash, credit card in person or bank transfer.


Starting at$7,100USD

Additional Fees not included:

  • The hours mentioned are the minimum legal requirement for the FAA, if these hours are not enough for the students training, the student will have to add flight hours or in this case take extra ground school classes, these hours will be charged to the student.
  • Tax and insurance charged additionaly when Airplanes are rented for private use.
FAA Instrument Rating Course


  • Posses a Private Pilot License.
  • Read, write, speak and understand english language.
  • Obtain at least 50 hrs. of cross country flight.
  • Pass an oral and practical examination with FAA inspector.