Training at Flight Center US is an excellent choice for international flight training students seeking a career as a pilot. Here in Ft. Lauderdale, you will experience flight training at its very best as you develop your skills while flying in Miami's challenging airspace. As a student, you will be planning flights that will take you to some of the world's most sought after vacation destinations.

The FAA licenses offered by Flight Center US are recognized worldwide. Our Professional Pilot Training programs meet all requirements for our students to graduate with their Commercial Pilot license. We can also direct you to a total English immersion program, which offers the opportunity to quickly learn English so that you can meet the required proficiency level.

Our professional flight training school is registered with SEVP and we can help you complete the steps necessary to get an M-1 student visa. For more details please visit https://studyinthestates.dhs.gov, or contact us at International@flightcenterus.com

The steps are as follows:

  1. Become accepted to our program and pay a one time non refundable $400 processing fee. We will send you an I-20 Form.
  2. Submit your SEVIS I-901 fee at www.FMJfee.com
  3. Apply for your M1 Student Visa at the American embassy or consulate in your home country.
  4. Begin the TSA approval process at www.flightschoolcandidates.gov
  5. Once accepted by TSA, it's time to pack your bags and begin your flight training!

If you have flight experience outside the US, we will be happy to provide a logbook review and help you map out a path to reach your goals. You can get this help by contacting us at info@flightcenterus.com

We also offer housing to our students, which is conveniently located in close proximity to our school.

We hope to hear from you soon!



Flight Center U.S. happily accommodates our international students at our nearby location.

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Our facilities include ample space for ground school instruction as well as a briefing / debriefing room.



Full Motion G1000.


Flight Center U.S. happily accommodates our international students at our nearby location. Single or double occupancy per room is available depending on availability and budget. We can provide housing for your stay for as little as $24 per day.


Our facilities include ample space for ground school instruction as well as a briefing / debriefing room.
An in house weather service station is also provided for your convenient and safe flight planning.


The Redbird MX2 is a high-quality, feature-rich, full motion AATD flight simulator, with standard features that are anything but standard, such as wrap-around visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit, reconfigurable construction, and of course a motion platform, The MX2 serves up a level of realism that is simply unavailable in other training devices.
One of the hardest things for new pilots to learn is proper radio communications.  That's why the MX2 includes an intercom system that’s compatible with standard pilot headsets.  This allows the instructor to sit back and play ATC so that the student can build radio skills before it really matters. The headsets also help to isolate the student and instructor from distractions that can derail a training session.
The Redbird MX2 can be used instead of 2.5 hours of actual in flight training time for the Private Pilot Certificate and for 20 hours of Instrument Rating training. It’s also a great way to accelerate in air training by working out difficult maneuvers, like cross wind landings and emergencies on the ground. 

Standard Features of the MX2

Compact Electric Motion Platform
Fully enclosed cockpit
180° wrap-around visuals
Ergonomically correct design
User defined missions database
Unique pilot key system
Quick-change cockpit configurations
 - Single and Multi-engine
 - Traditional and glass cockpit
Complete terrain and airport database


Applying for flight training at Flight Center US consists of the following steps:
Visa Process:
You will need to download and fill out the Visa application form,. After completing the form, mail it to us. We will send you a confirmation of your acceptance once we have processed your application. There is an enrolment  fee, but we will not charge the fee until you have been accepted for a visa. Once the fee is paid, we will process and send you an I-20 via expedited courier service.

Click here to get the Visa Application Form

TSA Application:
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires all foreign students to pass a screening process. In order to begin the process, you will have to submit an application to TSA. You will see a link to the application below. Make sure that when the form asks for your flight training provider. The fee for processing the TSA Application is $130.00 USD

Click here to Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP)