Private Pilot Course

AIRCRAFT: Cessna 172SP, Cessna 172SP G1000, Diamond DA-40

The sky is the limit… to many people it is, but to a pilot, the sky is nothing more than another day at the office! A Private Pilot License gives you just that, the opportunities to explore destinations across the nation and worldwide. The possibilities and experiences that you may discover are endless. The Private Pilot Certificate is your ticket into the aviation world. All professional pilots must obtain such certificate in order to move on towards flying higher performance aircraft. Flight Center US will guide you towards achieving this step and getting you closer to your dreams.

The program includes

  • Ground school (Theory classes)
  • Flight in Cessna 172 S
  • Simulator (Red Bird MX-2)

Duration time 3 months aprox.

Course Layout

Our training program consists of individualized instruction coupled with the use of simulators, and course materials outlined by Cessna®. This permits an efficient learning experience that will make the most out of your time and budget. The course may be completed in a full- time accelerated mode or tailored to meet your individual needs.

The Steps

  • 1. The first step is the Pre-Solo stage. Here, you will learn the fundamentals of aerodynamics, how to communicate with the tower, basic weather, preflight preparation and the elementary handling of the aircraft in flight. As your final reward in this process you will have the unforgettable experience of taking the airplane out on your own..

  • 2. The second step in the program is the Cross-Country Flying stage. You will be familiarized with more advanced meteorology and weather systems that will be applied to cross country flights. Also, the use of navigational aids will be learned in this stage. During this process, you will be conducting diurnal and nocturnal flights to distant airports.

  • 3. The third and final step is the Test Preparation stage. At this point the student pilot has had full instruction and is prepared for the final examination with the FAA inspector. After successfully passing the FAA check ride the student becomes a Private Pilot.



You can apply in cash, credit card in person or bank transfer.

Starting at$6,950USD

Optional addition (glass cockpit $ 1,110.-)

Additional Fees not included:

Aircarft DA40 & Cessna172 GLASS COCKPIT (G1000)

  • The hours mentioned are the minimum legal requirement for the FAA, if these hours are not enough for the students training, the student will have to add flight hours or in this case take extra ground school classes, these hours will be charged to the student.
  • Tax and insurance charged additionaly when Airplanes are rented for private use.
Private Pilot Course
Private Pilot Course

Documentation required:

  • Registration form with personal information (to be completed in Flight School).
  • 2 Photocopies of your passport (Only Foreign Students).
  • 2 Photocopies and original copy of medical certificate.
  • Prove of US citizenship. (US Students)
  • certificate.
  • Only if under 18, Authorization from your parents approving you for course.


  • Be at least 16 years of age to fly solo.
  • Be at least 17 years of age when taking practical flight test.
  • Read, write, speak and understand english language.
  • Approve FAA certified medical examination.